Sketchup to Betaville


This tutorial will guide you through the process of configuring Google Sketchup 8 to correctly export a file for import into Betaville. Luckily, Sketchup's recent versions have come nearly ready to go for creating Betaville models.

Working in Sketchup

Set Working Units

When we create a new model, we will need to tell Sketchup that we intend on working in meters. To do this, we will check out the Model Info window by going to WindowModel Info.

Once in the Model Info window, we select Units from the list on the left and select Decimal, Meters as our length units.

Exporting Models

When we are ready to export our model, we simple go to FileExport3D Model. In the export dialog, select COLLADA as the file format and export the file.

Import into Betaville

We can follow the standard procedure for loading the model into Betaville from the tutorial: create_a_proposal