Performance Data


This section aims to serve as a gathering point for performance numbers pertaining to Betaville. This is not a section for usage statistics, but rather network performance, client performance on hardware, etc. Are we forgetting something here? Let us know!

Client Performance


While they are quite pleasing to look at, shadows are ominous gobblers of both CPU and GPU processing time in addition to consuming a good deal of memory. On an Acer Aspire 1410T netbook, frames per second jumped by ~7x while consumed memory dropped between 70 and 80 mb with shadows turned off.

To turn shadows off, navigate to your startup.xml file and set the shadows element to “off”


Frames Per Second CPU GPU RAM Operating System Number of Triangles Notes
31-36Intel Core 2Nvidia mobile 93002GBWindows VistaNot CollectedNotes go here
15-20Intel Core 2Nvidia GeForce 320M8GBMac OS X~800,0002010 Mac Mini

Network Performance

No collection methods in place yet.