1. Project Overview

2. Project Objectives

participation of community groups in urban development:early-stage and ongoing engagement of communities, to inform commercial and gov't. planning and investment decisions, and to provide a development environment for locally-based initiatives

infrastructure: pre-visualization, discussion, and development of new buildings, transport infrastructure, green space, etc.

community life: multiplayer environment serves as educational tool, forum for community public life, and design tool for new/evolving public spaces.

sustainability/long-term thinking: provide for multi-stage design scenarios, to facilitate and support contextual and long-term thinking

participatory public art, predevelopment of new public projects: provide a means for both pre-visualization, discussion, and even development of new public art initiatives, to provide more robust process for more appropriate project choice, and conceptual/funding development.

crowd-sourcing new models for land use, zoning, development/redevelopment

3. Project Organization

3D graphics: Mark Skwarek, BxmC; Jörn Loviscach, HSB

Server architecture and dev.: Helmut Eirund, Thorsten Teschke HSB

Jmonkey development: Carl Skelton, BxmC

Mobile clients: Martin Koplin, M2C

Interface, interaction, usability and eval/assessment: Katherine Isbister

Community and government liaison: Martin Koplin, M2C, Brooklyn Carl Skelton BxmC

Experimental server architecture: Joel Wein, Poly

Multimedia integration: Luke DuBois, BxmC

Institutional project direction: M2C

Media research: Martin Koplin, M2C, Carl Skelton, BxmC

Project development: Martin Koplin, M2C, Carl Skelton, BxmC