HOWTO: Update To Latest Version

I don't update anything, why should I update Betaville?

In order to get access to all of the latest features of Betaville you must be running the latest version! If features aren't of much interest to you, then perhaps you'll be interested that you will be unable to run the client at all very soon if it is too far out of date.

I'm Convinced, Let's Do It!

That's the spirit! Let's open up Eclipse and ensure that we're in the Java view. We can do this by first going to Window → Open Perspective:


We can see that sometimes “Java” (different than “Java Browsing”) isn't in the menu that comes up, so simply select “Other…” and you will have access to the “Java” or “Java (default)” view:

Now that we're in the Java perspective, simply right-click and select Team→Update for both TestContent and BetavilleApp: