HOWTO: Setup the Web Service

Before You Start

You will need, at the very least, a working Apache/MySQL/PHP stack. You should also have a Betaville database already running.

Optional Software

If you would like to be update your web service on the fly to the latest version available, this can easily be done by getting the software through the version control system, Git. There are installers for all of the major operating systems (Most Linux distributions should have this available in the default package manager)

Getting the Service

Now we'll need to download the software.

Download Archive

Visit GitHub, where the service is located, and click the Download button. Put this archive (tar.gz or zip depending on your choice) on the server, and unzip in desired location.

Use Git

Configure the Service

Within the service's folder, you will find a file name config.php. You will want to edit this to reflect your database credentials. This is all of the configuration need.

Test It!

Let's run a simple query. In this example, my web service is located on the localhost. http://localhost/Betaville-Web-Service/service.php?section=time&request=getformatted

You should see something that looks roughly like: {“serverTime”:“2011-09-23 11:09:20”}