HOWTO: Setup A Server

Getting Started

So you've decided that you'd like to setup your own Betaville server. Cool! By creating a dedicated server for your location you ensure that both connection and response times are as fast as possible, giving the best experience to your community. Its a fairly simply process to get your own Betaville up and running, so let's get to it.

Supporting Services

Betaville's server software can run on any operating system that supports both Java and MySQL, so just about any will do just fine. Follow the guide for your operating system of choice in order to get it ready to go.


Mac OS X


Software Setup

With your server ready to deploy a Betaville instance, let's set one up!

First let's get the source code:

svn co BetavilleApp
svn co BetavilleServer
cd BetavilleServer/util

Now follow the on-screen instructions!

Website Setup

Of course, you need a place to register users and take care of account management. This is where the website comes in, though you are by no means forced into using what we have provided.. feel free to design your own site and integrate it with the Betaville framework! The site is built on PHP, so you will need a web server that is set up to serve PHP pages.

Next Steps

With the server now set up and running you are free to log in using your Betaville client application. As you may (or may not) expect, there is nothing in this fresh Betaville! Let's take a look at how to begin populating it with content.

Creating Login Locations