Creating Login Locations

They're Called Wormholes!

Locations marked as spawn points in Betaville are known as wormholes. You can select wormholes during the login process (stable behavior) or once logged in (buggy behavior).

Creating Wormholes

Creating a wormhole is most easily done with the aid of a few simple SQL insert statements. (The Java server has functionality built in for achieving each of these actions, but there is no matching front-end UI).

Create Coordinate

These two commands will create a coordinate and retrieve the new coordinate's ID.

INSERT INTO coordinate (northing, northingCM, easting, eastingCM, altitude, lonZone, latZone) VALUES (4506445, 50, 584972, 0, 50, 18, T);

Create City (optional)

You can use a city already in the database or create a new one. Once again, we retrieve the new city's ID.

INSERT INTO city (cityName, state, country) VALUES ('New York', 'New York', 'United States of America');

Create Wormhole

Now we have all of the information needed to create a new wormhole! Once this row is inserted into the database, it will automatically be presented to the location selection views.

INSERT INTO wormhole (coordinateid, cityid, name, isAlive) VALUES (1, 1, 'The Place to Be', 1);