HOWTO: Create A Proposal

This tutorial will teach you how to load a proposal into Betaville once you are set with your content.

  • Right-Click in the scene with your mouse and select New to get to the creation dialog.
  • Select what you're creating. Since we're making a new proposal, we select the “new proposal” option.
  • Enter information about the proposal (The Address and Website fields are optional).

Now that we're done with step one, we can move on to step two where we will load the media.

  • Click next to move on to step two
  • Using your mouse, select where your proposal will be located. The coordinate fields will be automatically populated once you do so.
  • You can optionally set Betaville to automatically remove other objects from visibility when this proposal is loaded. You can bring up the dialog to do this be clicking “make room for proposal”
    • There is nothing getting in the way of my proposal, so I simply ignore the option to make room
  • Now we will select the media for our proposal. I've made a 3D model, so I will select it by clicking “Browse Media..”
  • With the media specified, click “import” to check it out in the scene.

Now let's do some adjustments to my model's location..

  • Click next once again to get to the step called “TWEAK IT!”
  • I wanted my model to be flush with the ground and facing a different direction
    • Using the provided movement and rotation buttons I can make this happen
    • Moving by single meters is a bit to slow, so I'm going to set move speed a bit higher.
  • As you can see, we've moved the model down at an increment of five meters for each click and I then rotated it by 182°

With my proposal looking dapper like a 1920's con-man, I'm going to make sure that everyone gets a taste of my genius before they even load the model by grabbing a thumbnail

  • Clicking the next button will bring us to step four where we can grab a suitable thumb.
  • Now it gets fun, position your “viewfinder” over the object and grab a snapshot.
    • Feel free to move around to frame that perfect view!
  • Not bad, eh?

Now that we've created the proposal, the last thing to do is upload it to the server.

  • Clicking on to step five, we're greeted with a few accessibility options.
  • We can select between private editing permissions, open permissions, or a group-styled permission set.
  • Once you've selected the permission level you're comfortable with, click publish to make it go!

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