Welcome Developers!

Do you want to write a module for Betaville? Do you want to fix a bug? Maybe you just want to see what the innards look like! You've come to the right place.

Betaville is available under the free and open source BSD License.

This tutorial will teach you how to check out the sources and run the Betaville application. The in-development version of Betaville is based on NetBeans Platform and is most easily built by using the NetBeans IDE (7.1, currently). Version control is achieved by using Git via GitHub.


The “Download for Mac” button on the website gets the full .app; it won't auto-update the way the Windows version does (that's a webstart application, so goes to fetch the latest every time you launch). Therefore, commits will automatically show up for Windows users, but the .app will have to be rebuilt and uploaded manually.


If you prefer Eclipse for your IDE, there's an older version of this tutorial that covers the steps to take: http://wiki.betaville.net/doku.php?id=howto:check_out_and_run&rev=1295286365

Setting up GitHub Account

Git is quite flexible in how it transmits files and changesets. GitHub encourages the use of SSH for retrieving and sending data, but also supports the HTTPS protocol. Let's first set up one of those.

Check Out in NetBeans

To access the sources from within NetBeans:

  1. TeamGitClone
  2. Fill out the data as follows (replacing 'skyebook' with your own GitHub username)
  3. Next
  4. Select the Master branch
  5. Next
  6. Click through using the default settings on this last page

Congratulations! Once this process is completed you now have all of the code necessary to build and run Betaville on your computer. Now to run it…

Running the Application

Simply Right-Click the Betaville project and select Run