1. General description

community feedback/consensus-building mechanism

ability to visualize different proposals/versions in one location

engage large groups through the use of familiar/desirable interface (adopt strategies and tools from entertainment sector, where they can support formation of “serious communities”, cf. “serious games”.

integrate mobile access/location-based media, to provide authentically local and concrete experience through good integration of virtual and actual cities

provide new ways and means of community development: open-source, “white box” technologies, peer-to-peer- process-product integrity, so user communities can also be developer communities.

provide for community-based platform and game “rules” development: authentic participation includes participation in making the rules, just as much as actually playing the game.

constructive participation and commitment building and aggregation through forums/live chat

new cooperative development schemes lead to proposals, lead to construction: pool ideas, commitment, skills, capital resources of new micro-developers and/or large projects

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