3ds Max to Betaville


This tutorial will guide you through the process of configuring Autodesk 3ds Max to correctly export a file for import into Betaville.


Install OpenCOLLADA

Betaville's preferred file format is COLLADA, and OpenCOLLADA can ably export models that will be usable from 3ds Max. You can obtain the latest version of the plugin from the OpenCOLLADA website.

Set Working Units

Before we begin, we'll set the working units to Meters (the default unit of measurement in Betaville). To do this, we go to the Customize menu and select Units Setup. In here, select Meter as your default.

Exporting Models

We will now export our model as a COLLADA file. Select Export from the main (logo) menu and select OpenCOLLADA as the file type.

Import into Betaville

We can follow the standard procedure for loading the model into Betaville from the tutorial: create_a_proposal